The Best "Two" Years

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So-- I've been pretty sentimental the last few days about my mission. I miss it. I miss it with every fiber of my being. If I had a (third) chance to get back out there and put my nametag on.... you bet I would do it.

There is something so different about being a missionary. So difficult at times, but so rewarding. So exhausting, but so spiritually strengthening. So trying at times, but ultimately some of the happiest moments you'll remember in your life.

I wouldn't trade my experiences during my service for anything in the world. And I would give anything to have them all over again. If someone asked me if I would go tomorrow, you had better bet I would say yes in a heartbeat. 

I've finally gotten around to compiling the majority of my mission pictures. I was inspired in this video by another sister missionary, to whom I owe a lot of my excitement towards my mission. I hope as- and if- you watch it, you'll feel the love that I have towards my time as a missionary and know how much it meant to me.

And if you were a part of it- thank you for making it the best experience of my life. 

xx   katie