Big Surprises

Friday, April 17, 2015

So... back story.

I consider myself to be a pretty good gift giver. I seriously plan things weeks or months in advance because I love love LOVE sentimental gifts, especially for my parents. Every year, I make a calendar for them on iPhoto for Christmas with pictures from the last year. This has been a tradition of mine for the past seven years. 

This year is an interesting year because three out us four kids will be moving out of the state in the next two months. Cody and Rachelle are headed to Mississippi after he graduates from the U and is commissioned as a pilot in the Air Force. Carrie recently was offered and accepted a job in Virginia, and Cassidy is heading out to go to BYU-Idaho for college. 

I'm moving too, but I'm just moving fifteen minutes away, so it's not exactly the same... 

I knew my mom had mentioned wanting to do family pictures before Cody and Rachelle left. I had been brainstorming some stuff that I wanted to do for Mother's Day and her birthday, which are very very close (both are the first week in May). 

So I started plotting.... 

I searched and searched for several days to find an affordable photographer when I finally remembered about Chelsey Searle, who had done a friend's family and mission photos a year and a half before. She was absolutely perfect, and I was super excited to work with her.

Because we didn't know when Carrie would be moving for work, we decided to do the photos well before graduation (and incidentally, Mother's Day), so we got that all set up and picked the color scheme. Then, I knew that Mom would kill me if she had to do family photos without getting her hair done, so shoutout to my pseudo-cousin Robert Moody at Hero Hair for squeezing her in the day before to get her hair cut and colored. Birthday gift and Mother's Day gift all in one weekend.

The day started out a little (ok a LOT) windy, but by the time we were ready to do photos, it died down (thank goodness... wind + long hair = nightmare).  We just got the photos back today and they are AMAZING! I think I'll let them speak for themselves. 

(p.s. our nametag photo made the lds sister missionaries' page)