New Etsy goodies

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sometimes I just get in these "modes". Cleaning mode, writing mode, blogging mode, spending mode....

Blogging mode doesn't happen too often, but speaking of spending mode, I bought a new DSLR on Monday.... whoops! I guess it's technically in celebration for my fabulous new job... and in anticipation of my awesome trip to Poland and the Ukraine that's coming up in the next few months.

Lately, I've been in creative mode. Which is both fun and frustrating....  I've been working a lot in the past month on expanding my Etsy shop, and creating new products and new art to hopefully bring a little more business revenue in. It's AWESOME to see the final product, but sooooo frustrating when things don't look quite like I envisioned them.

I've learned that I should have gone to school for digital design or something haha. But everything I've done, I taught myself, so I still think that's pretty cool. 

Anyway! Thanks to Pinterest inspirational quotes, floral downloads and watercolors, I've been pretty pleased at how my latest prints have turned out.

Happy happy days! I wish I had more to share with you, (maybe next week when I get my new camera!) but this will have to do for now! 

Anonymous said...

It may be late for me to say, but congrats on having your new job, Katie! I hope you're having a good time in new in your new working environment. By the way, it's good to see that you still have a time to expand your etsy shop even though you’ve been busy these past few months. And you can still work on with your creativity by doing those digital designs. The quotations are truly inspirational and meaningful. Keep it up! Good luck on your etsy shop and to your new career! :-)

Randi Free @ Rock Shore Media