I'm going back!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I got the call this morning!

Spanish Speaking (of course)

A few weeks before I entered the MTC, I was in a car accident in Tooele on my way to be a counselor at Camp Kesem. I didn't ever see a doctor or report it to the police because the guy that hit me sped off, and I needed to be up at the camp pretty soon. A week into my stay at the MTC, I started getting progressively worse migraines, that eventually confined me to bed during the two weeks I was able to serve in México. After spending some time in the Juárez ER, seeing a few doctors there in México (and being diagnosed with an ear infection...), it was decided that I would return home. But we didn't know what was causing the headaches until about two months later, after seeing several doctors (all with different diagnoses), when we made the connection between the car accident and the migraines. I started seeing a chiropractor at the end of November, and I've improved remarkably- as in, night and day difference between now and when I came home. I resubmitted my paperwork on December 30th, after being medically cleared and finally heard back from Missionary Medical and the First Presidency today, where they reassigned me to California, so that I can continue to see a chiropractor one to two times or more per month. The funny thing is, a few weeks after I got home, I had a dream that California was where I would be reassigned to. And apparently, my sweet MTC companion had a similar dream while she was serving in México about my reassignment as well. 

While I will miss México sooooooo much, I know I'm supposed to be headed to California. I'm so grateful for the time I was able to spend in México, for the people I met in the MTC that I wouldn't have met had I originally been called to California,  for the time I've been able to spend with my wonderful family, and for the experiences that I have had leading up to this point. I know that I'm needed in California and I'm excited to be a missionary again!

I leave on Jan 26th, which is one day after my four month mark of being home.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!