Jan 26 " It's new missionary day in the Great California San Fernando Mission!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hooray!  It's new missionary day in the Great California San Fernando Mission!  It's a beautiful winter day with
weather in the low 70's and some gorgeous clouds.  

Today is filled with paperwork and training--and proselyting!  We always like to go out and talk with everyone as soon as we can.  We always see miracles--from return appointments to the miracle of speaking Spanish for the first time :)

Tomorrow we will have transfer meeting and everyone will meet their trainer who will be with them for the first twelve weeks.  After the twelfth week they are fully trained (and can train someone new!)

Mondays are Preparation days and so you should be getting a email then.  We did give them a chance to write on paper so you should get an actual letter in the next few days.

We are so excited to serve with your missionary!  It is a great blessing to work shoulder to shoulder with these great young missionaries.  

We ask your help in helping your missionaries be successful.  When you write, ask about missionary work and tell them about the missionary work that YOU are doing.  The best way to do missionary work as a parent is to tell everyone that your child is a missionary!  The more you talk about what they are doing the more people will want to know why.  

Missionaries are awesome, but missions are hard.  One of the biggest adjustments is new companions, so when you pray for your missionary, pray for the companion, too!  

Again, we are so excited to work with these wonderful missionaries!

Thank you for sending them.


Sister Dianna Hall