A Curious Work

Monday, September 22, 2014

All I have to say about this last week is that.... wow. I never would have expected any of this.

So Dublan. We are missionaries assigned only to the Dublan ward. The Dublan ward is an English speaking ward.

Yep you read that right.



My first area in Mexico is an English speaking ward. I just about died!

It is an interesting first area to have because our "area" is anywhere in Casas Grandes that speaks English. Including those who live half an hour, an hour away, that would attend the English speaking ward in Dublan. We have about six young men and women who are descendants of the apostate group in Lebaron that are ready to be baptized. However we are working on the paperwork now because they have to be approved and interviewed by the First Presidency before they will be allowed to be baptized. We have met only two of the girls but they are absolutely wonderful and so ready for baptism. We pray every day that they will be able to be baptized soon. Both of these girls are already planning on serving missions.

We need more faith like this in the Church!

So the ward.

There are 17 families in this ward with the last name of Jones and the rest of the ward is probably related to them in some way. Well I know at least half the ward is somehow related to each other. 

Entonces... it has been more difficult to learn Spanish. We practice in the streets and sometimes with the members. Needless to say, it hasn´t been as rough of a transition here, and my companion is learning English very quickly!

The food... also American.

Although we traveled with Presidente Derbéz yesterday back to Juárez and we had gorditas (papas con queso) and that is about the only Mexican food I have had since being here. Oh yeah. I am in Juárez to see a neurologist for my migraines. We hope things will be ok and I will get better but things have been difficult in that respect. I spent half of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday and this morning in bed. It has been rough but I know that things will work out the way they need to. 

Also... there has been so much rain here! Who would have thought I would use my umbrella this much in Juárez? It has rained every day, either during the day or at night after we have returned home. So it has been more humid here but the days have been cooler.

Mexico is so beautiful. I do love it here.

I don´t have my camera right now to send pictures or I would. Maybe in a little bit! 

Not much to report but I love you all and I miss you! 

Make me proud!

All my love,

First transfer meeting

Companions!! Taking a tour of the factory that our Bishop owns

Walking the streets of Dublan

A beautiful night for a companion selfie! :)

Sister Missionaries

My beautiful companion outside the family history center where we emailed

All my drugs. Actually this isn't even all of them. Ha

Spending the night in Cd. Juarez


Weird stuff they had in our house. Yeah... definitely NOT creepy.

We had a piano!
Hna Hernandez likes to practice playing the piano

With the lovely and beautiful Jones family

My companion and the other two Hnas we lived with! Hna Hernandez, Hna Ramirez and Hna Nunez