Feb 23 "Ganadora, ganadora... cena de pollo"

Monday, February 23, 2015

In case any of you wanted to know the Spanish translation of "Winner, winner, chicken dinner". (Note: this has been confirmed by fellow Spanish speakers).

Once upon a time, it was another week of MIRACLES!I accidentally deleted my first draft of this email so I don't have tons of time left to write this. Ha! Oh well!

We were planning on Tuesday night, and we had discovered a promising part of our area the week earlier. The area is called Sloan Canyon. We had decided to visit some antiguos in Paradise Ranch, and then spend the rest of our time in Sloan Canyon. The next day, we drove up to Paradise Ranch and walked around for about 15 minutes, before both of us felt like we didn't need to be there at this time. So we got back in the car and opened up the map to check out Sloan Canyon and decide more of where we wanted to go. At soon as we found Sloan Canyon, the first street I was saw was Church St. In an instant, a though that I had had last night about this specific street (but didn't even know that it was an actual street) came back to me, and I basically shouted to Hna McGlothin "WE NEED TO GO TO CHURCH STREET!". She was probably really startled ha ha ha but I knew that was where we needed to go!! So we quickly look through our area book and find 2 antiguos who live on Church St. As we got there, we ended up visiting both houses. The first antiguo had moved, but we the person who lived there if she knew of anyone who spoke Spanish, and she pointed to her neighbor across the street with the sheep. So we headed over there and a lady came out of the house to throw her trash away!! We ended up teaching her the whole first lesson in her front yard, and as we were about the leave, we realized it was the house of the other antiguo, who then walked up and greeted us! She didn't remember that missionaries had ever taught her, but the lady we taught the 1st lesson to was her mother! We have plans to return later this week and teach her more, especially about family history! 

Another miracle: We had the opportunity this week to have dinner with a less-active member, Hno O. She wants to come to church, but doesn't have a car, so when her ride isn't available, she doesn't come. But she's been singing in the choir and so this week she came to sing in branch conference! Anyway, during dinner and the hour that we spent with her, this was the first time that I had noticed that I was able to understand the majority of the conversation, and speak freely in Spanish (about Mexico, about her son, and all sorts of things). My Spanish has come so far! I was so excited after our lesson.

For those of you who are wondering about my neck and back, well... let's just say this! I'm not better, but through our hard work, we've been able to do so much! I know that things will get better one day, and I just have to have faith that it will all work out. President told Hna M in her interview this week that he had never seen a companionship with the trials that we've had, see as many miracles as we've been able to see, and that he's surprised each week to read our letters and see how much success we've been able to have.

​These are the girls we gave those itty-bitty copies of the scriptures to (thanks Mom!) They just LOVE them!! They were SO excited and grateful. They want to be baptized so badly but they can't right now because of parents. We know that they will be able to one day, hopefully soon!

​​Sometimes... my umbrella and my outfit color coordinate. Ahhh I love it. 

The gospel is true! I have never been happier in my entire life than I am right now. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

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